• 7. May 2018
  • By:Eirik Norstein Danielsen

Customer stories

Crisis management training

In November, Norges Bank carried out a full-scale emergency preparedness exercise: a bombing at the bank’s offices in London gave the preparedness organisation an authentic test.The exercise involved several partners at the bank’s offices in both Oslo and London.

Proactima supported the bank in planning and carrying out the exercise, along with contributing 17 persons as role players.

“The training gave us a lot of the answers we needed. We saw that much of the preparations are adequate, but there are some areas where we could be doing even better. I’m glad that the errors and areas to improve were found in an exercise and not in a real incident. In addition, we look forward to conducting a similar major exercise in 2018,” says Norges Bank’s special adviser, Simen Østgaard.

Norges Bank has a general agreement With Proactima for preparedness services.

Findings from the exercise will now form the basis of a further, sharpened practice run for the preparedness organisation.

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