• 15. November 2018
  • By:Eirik Norstein Danielsen


Proactima brings together the power industry

Various issues related to risk were on the agenda when representatives from several power companies gathered at Hafslund in Oslo.

“The purpose of the seminars is to discuss current and relevant issues”, says Jens Thomas Sagør in Proactima. Proactima is the initiator of the forum, which gathers a few times a year. Sagør was the moderator and organized the discussion during the day.

Two presentations
Toril Benum talked about Hafslund’s major AMS project, where they replace  the previous flow meters with automatic gauges. This is a complex project where approximately 700,000 customers get new meters. Toril described the different phases of the project, what challenges they have faced – and face – and how they handled the risk elements throughout the project period. She emphasized the importance of integrating risk as a red thread through the daily work.

Bjørg Sandal from Proactima talked about Reputation Risk and asked whether this type of risk could be managed. Through theoretical models spiced with examples and her own experiences, she showed how to prepare for critical situations. To handle the crisis when it occurs, one must have done a lot of work in advance. Being well prepared is a prerequisite for limiting the incident and the reputation risk one faces.

Open for new participants
At the meeting, representatives of Hafslund, Eidsiva, Statkraft, Skagerak, Agder Energi, Statnett and Tafjord Kraft participated in addition to the Proactima representatives. All participants engaged eagerly in discussions related to various risk management issues.

Kraftforum is open to new participants. If you are interested, please contact Proactima for further information (post@proactima.com).