• 13. December 2018
  • By:Eirik Norstein Danielsen


OKEA also in 2019

It is now clear that Proactima will be a very important supplier for OKEA also in the first half of 2019.

“We have had invaluable support from Proactima in the period until we became operator for the Draugen platform. It is therefore natural to continue the good cooperation also in today’s demanding period, says Dag Eggan, SVP Business Performance in OKEA. After OKEA became an operator, the organization has grown from 26 to 194 employees. This structure requires a lot of the organization, and at the same time theoperational tasks at Draugen are going to be smooth.


Proactima has a framework agreement with OKEA. Through this agreement a call-off has been made for the first half of 2019. The call includes approximately 4,500 hours, primarily divided between five and six employees in the core team.

“Others in Proactima will be involved as needed,” says Jens Thomas Sagør at the Proactima office in Trondheim.

Primarily, the tasks will be organizational adaptation support and development of the organization which has now grown sharply in a short period of time. Among other things, Proactima will provide support within management, risk management and IT systems.

“Our main task is to continue to support OKEA in several areas so that the start-up period as an operator goes as planned. We have good dialogue and good working climate with management and employees of OKEA. We will make sure that the good cooperation continues in 2019,” says Jens Thomas, who does not rule out any further call-outs in the contract.

“We are flexible and will do our outmost to support OKEA where they need,” concludes Jens Thomas.