• 1. February 2019
  • By:Eirik Norstein Danielsen


New employees in Proactima

Proactima is a growing consulting company and hires new employees. February 1, two new employees start; one at the Oslo office and one at the Trondheim office. We welcome Sven Harald and Øyvind to an exciting workplace!

Sven Harald Fleischer comes from the position as operational group leader in the security section of the Storting. He is educated from the Police College and he has also studied crisis management. Work experience: The police as well as management and security work at the Storting.

In Proactima, Sven Harald will primarily work with security and emergency preparedness.

Øyvind Dahl

Øyvind Dahl comes from a position as senior researcher at SINTEF and is employed at the office in Trondheim. He holds a PhD in Sociology with specialization in security research. He has previously worked as an HSE engineer in Reinertsen.