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Jonas Eriksen from Proactima is appointed Norwegian expert in an international group which will prepare a new ISO standard for social security. The new standard will apply to cities where large events will take place. A real feather in the hat for both Jonas and Proactima!

Jonas works at Proactima’s office in Bergen and through the job as social security coordinator he was strongly engaged in the Road World Championship in Bergen in 2017. The experiences are that the events are usually much more expensive than budgeted and that the risk in the urban community increases considerable. The financial calculations also cracked in Bergen, but the additional risk for the Bergen region was largely neutralized through systematic and thorough cooperation and risk-reducing measures.

Price for preventive work

And it is precisely this preventive work that has aroused national and international attention – and which led to the initiative to develop a separate ISO standard in the field of social security for cities that are planning and carrying out large events. The new ISO standard in the field of social security has been named “ISO / TC292 WG7 Guideline for Events”.

The expert group will be headed by the Emergency response manager in Bergen municipality, Ivar Konrad Lunde, on behalf of Standard Norge. The City of Bergen also received the Social Security Prize for 2017 for the preventive work in connection with the Bicycle World Championship. The prize was awarded by the Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning (DSB).

ISO is the abbreviation for the International Organization for Standardization. ISO comes from the Greek word “equal” and publishes standards in various areas.

The work starts in Bangkok in September and will last for a period of three years.