• 2. July 2019
  • By:Eirik Norstein Danielsen


The Election Act Commission publishes the report

Yesterday, the Proactima report on “Security in democratic processes in Norway” was published. The Election Act Commission has not yet decided on the content of the report.

A significant part of the work was to identify the most relevant threats and assessing how these could damage the democratic processes.

Proactima believes that there is a low risk of manipulating the voting numbers and election results in Norway today. This is mainly because many manual processes for registration, counting of votes and control are being used in Norway.

However, the report points out that there is more reason to worry about the influence of candidates and voters. Such influences are directly related to democracy’s important principles of free and enlightened elections. This phenomenon is constantly discussed in media reports about false news and influence campaigns.

Proactima emphasizes that increased digitization of elections will lead to the need for significant security measures to the identity of the voters and ensure that the count is not manipulated. The company also points out that there is a general need to increase the knowledge in the population about threats, influences and digital media to reduce the vulnerability. Read the entire report here: https://www.valglovutvalget.no/files/2019/07/Utredning_av_sikkerheten_i_demokratiske_prosesser_i_Norge.pdf