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Proactima has received together with Texas A&M University in the USA, a grant award to support a safety culture research project. The reward is a grant from the US National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine.

“This is an exciting project we very much are looking forward to commence”, said Willy Røed, Proactima’s lead project participant. “Texas A&M is one of the largest universities in the USA with a high-level scientific knowledge profile we are proud to be part of.”

Measuring safety culture

“This cooperation project aims to identify a method to measure organizational commitment to safety in the oil and gas industry. This can be challenging when third-party contractors and part-time workers are included in the operations,” explained Willy.   “In many such operations, members do not share the same training, culture or experience, and even language,” he underlined. “How may we measure commitment to safety in a reliable way, and consequently initiate efficient corrective actions, is the highlight key focus of the project,” said Røed.

“The USA has extensive operational oil and gas experience. Likewise, in Norway. However, we do perform our work differently. And differences are important,” underlined Willy. “It is when differences are identified, new solutions can emerge,” he smiled. The Norwegian openness culture is key in our safety work in Norway. In the USA similarly, commitment to systems is important. Together we can share experience and knowledge and hopefully contribute to improved operational safety,” concluded Willy Røed.

High level competencies

The research project has a timeframe of two years and is organized as part of the Gulf Research Program. It was established in the aftermath of the Deep Water Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. The entire program, including several different projects, has a USD7.2 million grant frame, according to a recent press release from the National Academies.

“We are in particular very pleased to participate together with Texas A&M in this project,” said General Manger Trond Winther in Proactima. “This is a recognition of our high level of competence within HSE. In Proactima we have several employees with PhD degrees and research competence which will be allocated to this project,” underlined Winther.

“The team will include among others Willy Røed (PhD and Professor II at the Stavanger University) and Marie Røyksund (PhD) at our Stavanger office. In addition, Øyvind Dahl (PhD) at the Proactima Trondheim office will participate. If necessary, we will add other skillful employees as the project develops,” said Trond Winther.

Start-up of the project is scheduled to February 2020.