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Image courtesy of KVS Technologies

On behalf of NVE (the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate), Proactima has prepared a survey report on the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in today’s power supply. The report gives an overview of the current status for using the internet of things in the energy supply industry.

“Through the use of new solutions and new technology, the power supply industry can be more efficient, but it will also introduce new risks. We want digitalization, but at the same time we need responsible digitalization. Therefore, we have taken this initiative to get an initial overview of the use of the Internet of Things.  The premise must always be that the security of the power supply is taken care of”, says Ingunn Åsgard Bendiksen, Director in the Department for Supervision and Contingency Planning in NVE.

Digitalization hits the energy supply through digital sensors in the infrastructure, cloud services and deployment of IT operations and through the new power meters. Digitalization offers the opportunity to develop solutions for smart energy-efficient houses and for more efficient operations.

“It is exciting to work on such a project that gives an understanding of the opportunities and challenges that come with the developments of technology. For the power supply, digitization can increase efficiency, flexibility, personal security and accessibility, but at the same time security of supply must always be safeguarded. To achieve this, it is necessary to gain more insights on how to assess, use and control new technology”, says Trond Winther, General Manager Proactima.

“As a result of the survey, we have recommended to improve knowledge in the following areas:

  • Understanding the implications for security of supply in introducing IoT / IIoT
  • Mapping competence, attitudes and the need for a common knowledge lift
  • Further developments and improvements of risk management guidance and tools
  • Further developments and adaptations of regulations, supervision and control

The report has been prepared by Marie Røyksund and Anne-Kari Valdal in Proactima.

You can find the report on NVE’s website: http://publikasjoner.nve.no/eksternrapport/2020/eksternrapport2020_02.pdf

Image courtesy of KVS Technologies