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(Foto: CDC / Alissa Eckert)

The Norwegian health authorities are preparing for a larger virus outbreak in Norway. Are your company prepared for the consequences?

How will you handle the situation?

Proactima can assist. We have a trained emergency handling team which may quickly and efficiently assist in any locations in Norway. We may assist in mapping vulnerability and risks for you company and suggest and support implementation of effective measures:

  • assist in assessing risk and criticality
  • facilitate meetings for mapping and assessment in how your organization will be affected
  • identify opportunities and follow-up effective preventive and protective measures
  • assist in your communication, both with your employees and your external stakeholders
  • support in legal and HR related follow-up measures
  • give advice regarding travelling security

Do you need assistance and/or advice? Please call Proactima ph. 95294191 or send email to post@proactima.com. We promise a short follow-up response time, also during the week-end.Be prepared. Make your preparations before the large outbreak starts.