Proactima og Lilleaker Consulting slår seg sammen
  • 29. October 2020
  • By:Stian Opsahl Hetlevik


Proactima and Lilleaker Consulting join forces, strengthening technical and operational risk management

Stavanger/Oslo, October 28, 2020 – Proactima AS and Lilleaker Consulting AS have entered into an agreement to merge the two companies. Further strengthening our joint capabilities within strategic, technical and operational risk management services.

Richard Heyerdahl, chairman of the Board and co-founder of Proactima, says the two companies know each other well from previous cooperation and shares many joint values, customers and ambitions.

“We have worked with many of the same customers. However, offering somewhat different type of services. With this new merger, existing and new customer will gain access to an even broader range of services within risk management and sustainability”.

Trond Winther, man. dir. in Proactima, says: Moving forward, this joint company provides significant advantages and opportunities.

“This reinforces Proactima’s position as one of the important competence environments for risk management in Norway and provides us with the opportunity to build and even more skilled and robust consultancy team. This agreement allows us to expand our position in existing markets and will strengthen the transition to new industries”, says Winther.

“We are impressed by what Lilleaker Consulting has achieved by their investment into technical and operational consultancy. Today we join together two very competent and skilled teams, and we look forward to finding the very best solutions for our customers together”, says Trond Winther.

“We are two companies with a long history which both believe in a future where renewable energy will be important”, says general manager, Ingvild Aker in Lilleaker Consulting.

“We will continue to offer risk analysis and advisory, and studies in the field of safety and reliability to our customers the way our customers know us”, says Anita Kittelsen, Chairman of the Board in Lilleaker Consulting. “Today we join together two strong competence environments with complementary skills. Both Lilleaker Consulting and Proactima are recognized for a strong customer focus. We look forward to what we can achieve together!”

About the agreement:

  • Proactima and Lilleaker Consulting have agreed to a merger between the two companies
  • The new company will be named Proactima and have its head office in Stavanger
  • 13 employees from Lilleaker Consulting will be included in Proactima  
  • The new company will have approximately 80 employees
  • The merger will be effective immediately


For more information, contact:

Richard Heyerdahl,

Chairman of the Board in Proactima AS, phone: 905 50 971

Anita Kittelsen,

Chairman of the Board in Lilleaker Consulting AS, phone: 416 15 457

Proactima is a leading company in Norway within risk management, emergency handling and societal safety, and has developed many strategic projects within socially critical processes in many different industries; among others transportation and mobility, power energy, oil and gas, maritime services, bank and finance as well as health and safety. The company has also extensive operations within public administration. Among the customers is over 1500 companies and organization which include both smaller, medium and some of the largest companies in Norway. Proactima was established in 2003 and includes approximately 60 advisors in four different location; in Stavanger, Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim.

Lilleaker Consulting is a specialist consulting company offering advisory and studies in the field of safety and reliability. The company was established in the year 2000, has 13 experienced consultants and is located in Oslo. The company has employees with a strong quantitative background, expertise in advanced CFD tools and the majority of personnel have engineering background. Lilleaker Consulting provides services within risk and emergency response analyses, fire and explosion modelling, hazard identification, technical safety, accidental loads, barrier analyses and reliability analyses including reliability of instrumented safety systems. The company assists our clients in compliance with regulatory requirements and to understand and managing risk. Lilleaker Consulting has extensive experience in the oil and gas industry and has in recent years worked in a number of industries such as renewable energy, power, transport, onshore industry and the maritime sector.