• 26. January 2021
  • By:Hilde Waaler


Shared learning during the Corona pandemic – still very relevant!

Proactima just recently organized a new initiative focusing on shared experience between companies related to the Corona situation.

This was the third round organized by Proactima during the Covid-19 pandemic. Since June last year, more than 40 companies and organizations have met on Teams and shared their experience for common benefit and reflection. The last initiative was an efficient one-hour session with several groups, each representing 4-6 companies, which reviewed advantages and downsides in operations during a pandemic.

Although participants represented both medium and large companies, they all seem to have more or less the same challenges. Common issues which were discussed and shared were: leadership, communication, how to follow-up closely, recruitment during a pandemic, midway assessment, handling of additional risks, home office routines, distance confidence building, how to use foreign workforce and how to re-open.

The participants wanted to continue this sharing in the continuation. If your company or organization wants to participate in future sessions, please contact Jo Tidemann: jo.t@proactima.com