Skjermbilde fra programmet UXRisk

UXRisk is designed to be used for operationalizing work processes and can easily make the processes in your business management systems (BMS) come alive. By doing this, entire management processes can be replaced by UXRisk processes, turning flat documents/processes/procedures into live process-based tools.

Since UXRisk is 100% cloud based, with a web interface, you can link to any form, or any content in UXRisk directly. Which means as in the example above, you can “trigger” a new risk assessment (or audit, non-conformancy etc), by clicking a link in your process map. This will take you directly to the correct process in UXRisk, and by following that process and documenting in accordance with the instructions in UXRisk (which are 100% customizable), you are both following the requirements and documenting the results in the same place.

By providing the employees with easy access to the UXRisk templates embedded throughout the organizations BMS it will ensure the analyses are being conducted according to the company’s standards and requirements.

Other benefits of having using UXRisk embedded with the BMS include:

  1. Ensuring everyone in the organization is following the same methodology for required analyses.
  2. All the data is automatically stored in the company’s cloud and immediately made available for top management for review.
  3. Reduces the possibility of analysis’s being saved in the wrong place or difficult to find by other colleagues.
  4. Reducing the complexity of flow charts as well as encouraging the entire organization to engage with the BMS. In many cases, the entire flow chart could be replaced with the UXRisk processes.

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Stian Opsahl Hetlevik

Head of Digital Solutions