• 10. June 2021
  • By:Hilde Waaler

Customer stories

Risk management assignment for Bane NOR Energi

Proactima has been assigned to av revision of Bane NOR’s risk assessment of their transformation stations, for all the railway lines in Norway.

Bane NOR will deliver a secure transport system and aims to deliver Europe’s most secure railway. The public company aims to strengthen and further develop the safety and emergency preparedness performance towards a zero vision, and the company is taking the lead with a sustainable technology which will revolutionize the energy consumption on railway in most of Europe.

“This is an exciting project in line with our focus on a safer and more sustainable society”, says Trond Winther, CEO in Proactima.

“Bane NOR’s infrastructure is part of the future transport system, and Proactima is also assigned to a research project supported by the Norwegian Research Council where we will  develop knowledge, services and tools for effective identification, comprehension and management of vulnerabilities and risks in future integrated intelligent transport systems, within and between companies, organizations and different society functions”, underlines Winther.  

Please see more information about this project in the link attached:


“I am very much looking forward to this challenging assignment”, says project manager Rune Sjursen in Proactima. “We have a very good project team and will assist Bane NOR with risk assessments, emergency preparedness analyses and revision of the contingency plans. For this project, we will use our competence and experience from the power industry and our extensive knowledge about the power regulations”, concludes Rune Sjursen.