• 1. September 2021
  • By:Hilde Waaler


UXRisk Release 11

We are happy to announce a new release of UXRisk. The new release contains some new functionality and a number of fixes to known bugs.

The UXRisk team hopes you will enjoy the newest version of UXRisk. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Pop-up dialog for child articles

In fields where adding child articles, like Risk Identification and Measure identification, a Modal Dialog will occur when clicking on the items instead of going to the Risk/Measure picture for each item. This will make it way more effective and intuitive when working with child articles.

Remember the detailed position in table/wizard zooms

When manoeuvring in UXRisk between pages/tabs, UXRisk will now remember where the user was the last time the page/tab was entered. This leads to time saved and gives a much better user experience.

Add second (or lower) child articles

When adding child articles like Risk and Measures, the user used to always enter the new values in a text field (and click enter). Now the Risk, Measures etc. can be added directly in the table view.

Full keyboard support

Possible to use UXRisk without having to use the mouse. The TAB button can be used to move around on the page, and ENTER and SPACE can be used to click on buttons etc.