About Us

The Proactima Way

Our goal is to help our customers better manage their own risks. Good management requires competence, planning and practical experience, which Proactima delivers through consulting services, tools, courses and training.


Throughout our 15 years of history, we have completed a number of projects for companies, organizations and authorities in the oil and gas-, transport-, maritime-, public- and banking/insurance sectors. It is our goal to be at the forefront of developments in our range of expertise and are therefore also involved in a number of R&D projects.

Proactima was founded in Stavanger in 2003 by Hermann Steen Wiencke and Richard Heyerdahl. After a modest start, we have experienced remarkable growth. In early 2006, there were seven of us, but by 2021 we had grown to over 80 experienced consultants in our offices in Stavanger, Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim.

We are leading specialists in all of our service areas, and all our consultants are specialized in at least one area. This makes our company a stimulating work environment and enables us to assemble project groups tailored to our assignment and customers’ needs.

To strengthen our ability to adapt to customer needs, we have also established a subsidiary; Proactima Project Services (PPS). PPS is a network of 50 independent consultants with a broad, solid background from the petroleum industry, which are leased to companies that need consulting.

Consulting services

We have an interdisciplinary approach to solving challenges and will for more complex projects combine our expertise from several disciplines to ensure our best people from each area are on the job to solve the challenge.


We have a broad portfolio of tools. From specialized tools for occupational hygiene and chemical management, to our flagship – UXRisk – the next generation risk management application, based on the latest in cloud computing.

Courses and training

We offer a number of e-learning courses, for all our discipline areas. In addition, we can customize training for your organization, tailored to meet your requirements and company standards.


Within risk management, emergency preparedness and social security, Proactima is a national leader in Norway, and have been assigned to a number of strategic projects in socially critical processes in many different industries over the last years.

We have a large customer portfolio in areas such as transport and mobility; power; oil and gas; maritime; banking and finance; and health. We also have extensive activity within public administration. Our customer list entails over 1,500 companies and organizations, both small, medium-sized and some of the largest companies in Norway.

We also have extensive collaborations with several Norwegian universities and colleges.

Our Vision

Proactima is going to be a nationally recognized provider of services within risk management, HSE management and social security. By recognized we mean:

  • Recognized by our customers for good products and services, high skilled level and high quality of services.
  • Recognized in society (professional communities, relevant industries, customers) as a contributor to the development of our professions, through participation in national R&D programs and the development of new products and services.
  • Recognized in the industry as an attractive workplace, which provides good opportunities for development, good terms of employment and a pleasant workplace.

Our Values


We believe in systematically building up the company’s competence ensures high quality in our products and services, and that continuous learning is important for well-being and development.


We will deliver what we promise and abide by laws and regulations. We will be open and honest with our customers, and promote an open, honest dialogue within our company.


We want to have colleagues that have freedom to work the way they prefer, as long as our customers’ needs are met. Work in Proactima shall be viable to combine with family life.


Proactima boasts a large and heavy professional environment, with high competence in risk management, HSE, security, emergency preparedness and information and cyber security.

In our deliveries we often change between many skilled partners to add additional cutting-edge expertise. Proactima collaborates with the security company Aeger and the IT security company Netsecurity, as well as being a part of the Security Risk Alliance.