Kjell Borstad

Position: Consultant HSE Management, Technical Safety and Risk Analysis

Kjell Borstad is graduated as Master of Science in mechanical engineering 1988. He has more than 20 years of HSE experience within several business sectors. HSE manager and technical safety in oil and gas development projects and the Carbon Capture and Storage project (CCS) at Norcem Brevik.

From 2011, risk analyst with responsibilities for collisions studies, dropped object analyses, helicopter risk, vulnerability analyses, emergency preparedness analyses, working environment and installation/hook-up risk analysis for projects both onshore and offshore. Extensive experience with working environment topics from projects run by Buskerud Bedriftshelsetjeneste, Volvat Bedriftshelsetjeneste and Ullevål Universitetssykehus. He was also a widely used lecturer in the subject of physical / chemical working environment during this period.