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Proactima appoints new CEO

The board of directors in Proactima, has appointed Hermann Steen Wiencke as the new CEO. Hermann Steen Wiencke served as the CEO of Proactima from the company’s inception in 2003 until Trond Winther took over in 2018. During this period, Proactima established itself as one of the leading players in risk management, sustainability, HSE, and societal safety. Trond Winther is passing on the baton and moving on to new opportunities in the energy sector.

– The board believes that Hermann Steen Wiencke is the best person to lead Proactima into a new era. Hermann knows the company, its employees, the industry, the customers, the work processes, and the company culture. Additionally, he is one of the most prominent experts in the field. As a board member, he has ownership of the current strategy and the decisions made, and he aims to build upon the work done by the current leadership team. We are very pleased to have Hermann back at the helm, says Chairman Richard Heyerdhal.

Co-founder with a Strong Academic Profile

Hermann Steen Wiencke becomes the new CEO from January 2024. Photo: Proactima

Hermann Steen Wiencke and Richard Heyerdahl founded Proactima in 2003 with the aim of contributing to a safe and sustainable society. Wiencke likely has one of the country’s most extensive resumes in risk management and HSE management. He worked at DNV from 1990-2003 and has collaborated with the University of Stavanger (UIS) / IRIS for many years. He is frequently invited as a lecturer and course instructor. He has participated in numerous research projects and has published several articles, books, and guides in the field. Wiencke holds a degree in process engineering from NTH (NTNU) and a master’s degree in technology management from MIT/NTNU.

– I am looking forward to leading X and building upon the work done in recent years. We have incredibly talented professionals and a great leadership team that I am excited to work with. What we do is more relevant now than ever before, and we have a unique position in the market that we will continue to build upon, says Wiencke.

Wiencke enter his new role from the start of the year.

About Us

Proactima is a leading consulting firm in risk management, sustainability, HSE, and societal safety. Our clients work in a wide range of industries, disciplines, and sectors—including oil and gas, power and renewables, transportation and mobility, industry, and the public sector.

Some of the areas we work on include sustainability and transformation, emergency preparedness and societal safety, technical and operational consulting and analysis, development and innovation, training, and digital tools. What unites us and all our clients is that we all have our eyes set on the future—constantly seeking tomorrow’s solutions. We have offices in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, and Stavanger and employ around 100 consultants.

We are looking for Frontend and Fullstack developers for our team!

We are investing in the digitalisation of our subject areas, and therefore we are looking for Frontend and Fullstack developers for our development team in Stavanger. We are looking for you who want to help develop a modern self-service solution for digitizing work processes in the global market.

With us, you become part of a small but very dedicated team, which will grow in the long run. The team is based in Stavanger, so we are looking for you who live in the Stavanger area or want to move.

Our platform UXRisk is a cloud-based (Azure) digitization solution which operationalizes the work processes in a company. We have clients in the transport, energy, oil and gas, and land-based industries, mainly from Europe, which vary in size from 20 to 20,000 employees.

Read more here for more information, get in touch if you have a question or send us an application!