Data Privacy Policy, Proactima Project Services AS

Proactima Project Services (PPS) is a subsidiary of Proactima. The company was established in 2007 and currently consists of approximately 40 highly qualified people in various disciplines.

Proactima AS works in various industries, but especially in the oil and gas business as well as the power and transport sector.

The people working at PPS have expertise in the company’s various fields such as for example HSE management, technical security, management systems, stakeholder analyzes, communication, and media.

Below you will find the privacy statement for personnel affiliated with Proactima through a PPS agreement.

With the introduction of the new Norwegian Personal Data Act (personopplysningsloven, which points to the EU’s GDPR), Proactima Project Services AS, THE SUPPLIER, would like to inform you of how we process personal data. The legal basis for personal data processing is consent and agreement.

The purpose is to collect and process relevant information from companies and individuals potentially wishing to become part of – or are already a part of – the PPS portfolio. We would like to ensure appropriate administration of the contractual relationship and resource allocation for these, in compliance with the agreement, order confirmations, applicable administrative systems and legislation.

In order to be PPS’s and thereby subcontractors, PPS consultants are to be registered as traders.

The following information is key to procurement of PPS’s: agreement, CV, telephone number, email address and order confirmations.

In addition to open-source information, relevant information and documentation include personal data such as address, CV, telephone number and competence-related information, current and former contracts and order confirmations, other agreements, actual time spent, staff utilisation, rate information, account numbers etc.

Data subjects are anyone contracted by Proactima, as well as potential candidates.

Data recipients are administration personnel and managers in Proactima, as well as accounting personnel in Triangle.

The data is stored in open areas of SharePoint and in file structures under a separate PPS user in Outlook. Personal data will also be shared between involved people through email. Personal data stored in open areas of SharePoint are determined as low-risk. Access to Outlook is limited and controlled through technical and organisational access control, which gives access only to authorised personnel in compliance with the applicable organisational structure.

PPS’s will be offered access to Proactima’s course portal. Names and email addresses will then be registered in Mintra Trainingportal. Proactima has signed its own data processing agreement with Mintra Trainingportal to ensure that personal data are processed in compliance with the Personal Data Act.

Proactima Project Services AS may change or update the Data Privacy Policy without notice. Any such changes will come into effect when they are posted on the website. It is your responsibility to monitor such updates. The data privacy policy was last updated on 11 February 2019. All personal data related to this process are stored throughout the contract period. Historical data (old agreements, CVs, email correspondence) are stored on the same platform. You may at any time request access to the stored information and ask to be deleted by contacting: