Digital tools

We have since Proactima was started worked with digital tools for our various disciplines. Today we have two digital platforms, Dmaze (formerly known as UXRisk – which now also includes our chemical management and ergonomical tools formerly known as PCMS, ChemiRisk and ErgoRisk), and ASAP.

With Dmaze your governance, risk and compliance processes can be digitalised, like the application process for using new chemicals, risk assessments, risk management and incident reporting. ASAP is our software for estimation of risk to personnel and loss of main safety functions related to leaks. You can read more about Dmaze and ASAP below.

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Make your processes digital, interactive and accessible! Digitalize your workflows in one digital platform. Dmaze is a modern platform for the global market. Easily available for all types of organisations, making sure all users are engaged and informed.

Dmaze takes management of GRC processes to a new level by leveragingt modern teknologi, and a process mindset to provide a more effective, complete and engaging tool.


Advanced Safety Analysis Package (ASAP) is a proprietary software tool to estimate the risk for personnel and loss of main safety functions related to flammable and toxic leaks, fires and explosions on oil and gass facilities both offshore and onshore. The software analyses a chain of events after a leak by adressing topics such as ventilation, process, safety barriers, evacuation, layout and manning.