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Information regarding personal data for job applicants – Proactima AS

We have received your job application for a possible employment with Proactima AS and wish to express our appreciation for your interest in our company. As part of the selection process, we wish to inform you of Proactima’s standards in relation to collection, processing and storage of personal data in view of regulations for protection of personal data (GDPR-regulation).

During a recruitment process, it is necessary for Proactima to collect, process and store personal data for job applicants in order to conduct a thorough and fair review process aimed at selecting the best qualified candidate for the position.

Type of personal data

Depending of the nature of the recruitment, collection of personal data is limited to the following:

  • Name and personal details such as contact details, date of birth, family situation, nationality, languages, hobbies and interests
  • Competence details, such as education, training, previous experience, certificates, skills, achievements and areas of specialisation
  • Personal profile, including information regarding personality features, preferences, test scores, etc.
  • Reference persons, with names, company, position/role and contact details
  • Details pertaining to the evaluation of each person

Sources of information

The main source of information is from the applicant through a job application and CV forwarded to Proactima through email or via LinkedIn, and from interviews with the applicant. Additionally, Proactima may obtain information regarding the applicant from other sources such as reference persons, training and education institutions, social media, web-searches, etc. The evaluation process itself may also produce personal data such as test results, interview notes, evaluation and review notes, etc.

Access to information

The information will be shared internally with relevant personnel who is actively involved in the selection process. This will include the HR-function, relevant discipline manager, sector manager, executive manager, and CFO.

In the event that Proactima uses an external party to support elements of the recruitment process, i.e. recruitment agency, psychometric testing or verification of diplomas, personal data may also be shared with such external vendor.

Limitations to access and use

The personal data will only be used during the recruitment process and only be shared with personnel involved in the selection process. We apply strict access and storage standards ensuring that such information is not made available to unauthorised personnel. Upon completion of the recruitment process, all personal data related to applicants who were not selected for employment will be deleted.

Further, we do not store applications, CVs, etc. for candidates who forward open applications. Such open applications will also be deleted upon completion of the evaluation.

Applicants access to information

All applicants have the right to access the personal data collected, stored and processed regarding themselves during the recruitment process. If you have any request for such access, please contact post@proactima.com before the recruitment process is finished.