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Management systems

The management system represents the enterprise’s collective best practice and knowledge. Take care of the knowledge and let it benefit all employees.

In many industries, such as the petroleum industry, requirements mandate development and maintenance of a management system. In others, it is a conscious choice to enhance open and consistent operations and performance. Regardless, a well-functioning management system is the sign of a focused, professional organization.

Every organization faces unique challenges; we want to understand your challenges and provide our expert guidance and assistance. You will gain access to a team of experts from our many disciplines to assist in all parts of development and implementation of the management system. Our goal is to help building a robust management system which you can further maintain and develop as the company matures.

Proactima will provide its knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure that you and your organization succeed in establishing a well functioning management system.

Auditing and supervision

We have extensive experience in preparing and implementing audit programs. Our consultants have experience both as lead auditors with regulatory authorities, responsible for internal audit in organisations, as well as through supplier audits. For audits and other compliance assessments, Proactima offers both training and courses, support as instance as auditors and/or lead auditors, as well as complete assessments and audits, both internal and with suppliers.