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Risk management

How to make good decisions

Proactima provides risk management services within a number of sectors, and has contributed to solving challenges within, for example, the petroleum and gas industry, national health service, transport sector, power industry and electricity supply and information and communications sector.

Proactima also provides research and educational services within the discipline through our collaboration with the University of Stavanger and our own courses. Our employees have published a number of research articles within the risk management and risk analysis disciplines in recent years, as well as written a textbook on risk analysis. The research ensures rapid implementation of new knowledge.

Examples of services we can provide:

  • Support for implementing efficient comprehensive risk management in your organisation.
  • Analyses in the planning phase, for example choosing concepts and solutions.
  • Barrier management.
  • Bow-tie analysis using BowTieXP.
  • Analyses to assess what equipment and functions should be prioritised, for instance as regards maintenance.
  • Assessment of the effect of various risk-reducing measures.
  • Documentation that risk is safeguarded (ALARP assessment).
  • Operational risk analyses: HAZID, HAZOP.

The analyses can be based on both qualitative and quantitative tools and methods.