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Societal safety

Unified risk management

Societal safety deals with society’s ability to maintain important societal functions and safeguard citizens’ lives, health and basic needs under different forms of strain.

To prevent accidents, damage and loss in society, each player in the private and public sectors must map the risk they face, and work systematically to reduce the risk down to a desired level. A precondition for efficient efforts is cross-disciplinary collaboration, so the work is targeted, saves resources and is in pursuance of the objectives.

What can you expect from us?

We want to give the customer the tools they need to handle important challenges on their own.

Proactima has extensive experience within:

  • Establishing systems that prevent accidents, crises and other undesirable incidents
  • Contributing to good emergency preparedness work
  • Facilitating efficient accident and crisis management

We work with both onshore and offshore industries. We use research and development in our own and external projects to create new expertise within the discipline. We have project-based collaboration with regulatory authorities, the University of Stavanger and other strong expert environments within civil protection. Our services include advising, web-based, integrated training and research and development.

Proactima provides assistance within:

  • Management systems
  • Risk analyses
  • Decision support
  • Advisory services with customers
  • Investigation
  • Preparation and implementation of plans
  • Training