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Working environment

Proactima is a complete supplier of working environment services.

Proactima has considerable experience with solving challenges in physical (design and exposure) and psychosocial working environments, as well as the interface between humans, technology and organisation (human factors) for offshore, onshore and maritime industries, public administration and other enterprises. We know Norwegian and international regulations, and the authorities’ expectations. Proactima can contribute necessary analyses, applications and continuous guidance.

Technical working environment / Human factors

Our expertise includes management and assessment of the working environment in all phases of a development project pursuant to requirements in NORSOK S-002 and other relevant standards, including:

  • Access and materials handling
  • Ergonomics
  • Noise
  • Chemicals
  • Work safety/accidents
  • Control room design/integrated operations (HF, CRIOP)
  • Lighting and work in cold climates (winterisation)
  • Development of management systems and assessment of compliance with applicable statutes, rules and standards.

Occupational hygiene and ergonomics

Our expertise includes e.g.:

  • Identifying, mapping and risk assessment of ergonomic, organisational, chemical, physical and biological factors
  • Assessment of measures to control and reduce exposure and physical barriers
  • Technical working environment in new buildings/construction and modification projects
  • Analyses and studies
  • Assessment of working environment consequences related to pollution/emissions to air, discharges to sea or land
  • Protection of response personnel and the local population during emergency preparedness situations
  • Developing management systems, assessing compliance with applicable statutes, rules and standards
  • Courses and training
  • Research and development