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Proactima to explore future transport systems

The Norwegian Research Council has granted Proactima research funding to investigate and increase knowledge about vulnerabilities in future transport systems. The Research Council har granted Proactima and our project partners up to NOK15.9 million of a total of approximately NOK26 million for this purpose.

The project is part of the Research Council’s Pilot-T program, focusing on new solutions in the interface between mobility and ICT. The Pilot-T is a collaboration between The Norwegian Research Council and Innovation Norway, based on an assignment from the Norwegian Ministry of Transport.

“The transport systems of the future are digital, autonomous, adaptive – and integrated. Today’s methods and approach to assessing and manage risk are not suitable or sufficient to handle the future systems. In particular, the knowledge of the mobility systems as a whole, is deficient. We need to understand, and be able to handle, risk and vulnerability in many complex subsystems – as well as in the complex interwind systems”, says Trond Winther, CEO in Proactima.

“In this project we will develop knowledge, services and tools for effective identification, comprehension and management of vulnerabilities and risks in future integrated intelligent transport systems within and between companies, organizations and different society functions”, explains advisor in Proactima Anne-Kari Valdal, who will be the project manager.

“The project has a broad participation with representatives from companies focusing on risk management and societal security as well as technology and insurance. These are supported suppliers and partners representing research and development, academic competence, authorities, infrastructure management rail- and road technology, as well as legal competence”, says Anne-Kari Valdal.

The project has a duration of three years and will start on February 1st, 2021.