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How to comply with the duty to inspect for the first time?

The oil company M Vest Energy is growing, and with growth come new regulatory requirements and responsibilities. When the company became a license partner in Draugen, Brage and Ivar Aasen, the oversight of producing fields and duty of care became a new area of responsibility for the fresh challenger. Read about the newcomer’s first inspection by Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority.

In the spring of 2023, M Vest Energy received a notice that the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) would conduct an inspection of the license follow-up on Draugen. The first time an inspection is carried out, it’s always good to have a reliable sparring partner and support behind the scenes.

-We didn’t know what PSA expected from us during such an inspection, and we needed a sparring partner with knowledge and experience. Proactima helped us with preparations before the inspection. Proactima’s skilled consultants contributed to increasing our understanding of regulatory requirements for the duty of care and what it means for follow-up in practice. In addition, Proactima conducted a review of our management system with a focus on license follow-up and provided advice on adjustments and improvements, says Åse Skålnes Strømme, KHMS and Production Manager at M Vest Energy.

Åse Skålnes Strømme, KHMS and Production Manager at M Vest Energy.

Each company is responsible for safety in its own operations. This is a fundamental principle in petroleum regulations. Operators and licensees on the Norwegian continental shelf are obligated to ensure that their activities are carried out in a safe manner and in compliance with regulations. The description of how the duty of care should be handled is covered in the company’s management system.

Sonja Tinnesand, along with others in Proactima, has been at the forefront of safety and knowledge transfer to M Vest Energy.

-We often see that companies have most of the elements in place and need assistance in systematizing and documenting that they are doing what they should. M Vest Energy has the experience and expertise needed, and we at Proactima have assisted in increasing the understanding of how their activities and work processes meet regulatory requirements, explains Sonja.

Sonja has over 25 years of experience in risk management and HSE regulations, as well as many years of experience in establishing and revising management systems.

A Growing Young Player

The oil company M Vest Energy consists of 15 employees located in Bergen. The history began with Emergy Exploration becoming a license participant on the Norwegian continental shelf in 2012, while being acquired by færøyske Atlantic Petroleum. In 2016, the company’s activities, mainly on exploration licenses and their development, and employees were acquired by Trond Mohn and Lars Moldestads company M Vest Energy.

The initial years focused on exploration, with a clear strategy: to become a full-fledged oil company with revenue from production. In 2020, the strategy was realized when the company acquired a stake in the Polarled gas pipeline. In 2022, the company acquired stakes in  BrageDraugen and Ivar Aasen.

Sonja Tinnesand has assisted M Vest Energy in ensuring confidence in their duty of care role. Sonja brings over 25 years of experience in risk management, HSE regulations, and management systems.

Security in the Duty of Care Role

A partner audit is planned for the fall, and M Vest Energy will bring experience and expertise with them, thanks to the strong support from Sonja and Proactima.

PSAs job is to challenge and test our confidence. Sonja scrutinized our operations and reviewed our management system. She gave us confidence that what we are doing is good. We are a small company, and therefore, it’s important for us to develop competence and learning within the organization. We don’t want to outsource tasks; we are committed to learning and gaining experience in line with our growth. Proactima provided us with the confidence and support we needed, says Åse.

And how did the inspection go?

-We received very positive feedback from Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA). They appreciated not only the presentation but also that we are a company working to develop our competence profile and have a clear ambition to bring value beyond the operator’s work, concludes Åse.