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Taking the Plunge

Sauna and ice bathing have become a popular trend in Norway. Never before have so many cold dips been documented on social media. However, this activity comes with inherent risks. Swimming, diving, jumping, boat traffic, and events in jovial company can challenge safety. We’ve taken a critical look at safety management.

Ragna Marie Fjeld from Oslo Badstueforening explains that the association started in 2016 with a group of enthusiasts who built a sauna raft using driftwood from Bjørvika.

-As interest in ice bathing grew, the association reached new heights. It’s a voluntary organization with a lot of enthusiasm and drive that has achieved a lot in a short time. One raft quickly turned into three, and there’s high activity at all of them. Various concepts and events are offered with the sauna rafts, says Fjeld.

-It’s crucial to scrutinize the management system to ensure you’re on the right track. Here, it was particularly important to focus on personal safety for both guests and staff.

Small in number, big in responsibility

With growth comes the need for safety and management. Sauna activities inherently carry risks. Oslo Sauna Association sought an impartial third party to assess their safety measures.

-It has been a pleasure to assist the Oslo Sauna Association with a critical look at their safety management, says our own diving expert and senior consultant, Hanne-Marit Berge at Proactima.

Berge adds that it was especially nice to see that the focus on safety was so pervasive, from governing documents and leadership to those out on the sauna rafts.

-The fact that they managed to implement this throughout speaks volumes about the strong culture in the association and the professionalism in their operations, says Berge.

Informal yet systematic and traceable

Hanne Marit Berge
Hanne-Marit Berge confirms the strong safety culture at Oslo Sauna Association.

Berge explains the process.

-We found an approach that suited them, while providing systematicity, structure, and traceability in what we did. We always base our work on recognized standards, relevant regulations, and legal frameworks. Here, we borrowed from the audit format and opted for a looser and more informal approach.

Relevant regulations, documentation, and interviews with selected roles such as representatives and sauna masters were conducted.

Berge further explains how a dynamic organization like the sauna association requires a dynamic approach.

-We managed to reduce formality but maintain the structure and work method to check and confirm their compliance with legal requirements. This made it more informal, which suited the dynamic nature of Oslo Sauna Association. The loose and informal approach lowered the threshold and seriousness when interviewing those involved. We engaged and involved the staff, receiving feedback on their perception of what the association does, how it’s done, and who we are, concludes Berge.

Operationalizing your Management System with UXRisk

UXRisk is designed to be used for operationalizing work processes and can easily make the processes in your business management systems (BMS) come alive. By doing this, entire management processes can be replaced by UXRisk processes, turning flat documents/processes/procedures into live process-based tools.

Since UXRisk is 100% cloud based, with a web interface, you can link to any form, or any content in UXRisk directly. Which means as in the example above, you can “trigger” a new risk assessment (or audit, non-conformancy etc), by clicking a link in your process map. This will take you directly to the correct process in UXRisk, and by following that process and documenting in accordance with the instructions in UXRisk (which are 100% customizable), you are both following the requirements and documenting the results in the same place.

By providing the employees with easy access to the UXRisk templates embedded throughout the organizations BMS it will ensure the analyses are being conducted according to the company’s standards and requirements.

Other benefits of having using UXRisk embedded with the BMS include:

  1. Ensuring everyone in the organization is following the same methodology for required analyses.
  2. All the data is automatically stored in the company’s cloud and immediately made available for top management for review.
  3. Reduces the possibility of analysis’s being saved in the wrong place or difficult to find by other colleagues.
  4. Reducing the complexity of flow charts as well as encouraging the entire organization to engage with the BMS. In many cases, the entire flow chart could be replaced with the UXRisk processes.

Do you want to know more? Get in touch and we’ll set you up with a demo.

«Who is prepared to make the right decisions in a more digital society» asks newly employed department manager Rune Winther

Proactima has the pleasure welcoming Rune Winther to Proactima. Rune will be included in the future looking Proactima team and will lead the newly established department Development and Innovation.

“This is a very exiting position which appeals very much to me”, says Rune Winther. “I have in my entire career worked somewhere in between the areas research and development and the consultant role and worked extensively with an innovation culture. I will bring with me this experience into Proactima as well. The combination of risk-related work and innovation is an unbeatable combination. Proactima represents all of this. It was therefore an easy choice to make”, smiles Rune.

«In what way will focus on development and innovation be important in the future?”

«This depends on how rapid the development will be. We don’t know this. But what we do know, is that it will pay off to be prepared if the speed escalates. This will be or not to be for many companies in the future; who are prepared to handle large changes over a short period of time. This implies that there are many things we need to learn, maybe all over. This complies for us in Proactima, in order for us to be relevant consultants for our customers, also in the future”, underlines Rune.

“How can Proactima contribute? How can we make a difference?”

“Risk management for our customers is about decision support in order to make the right choices. We can assist helping our clients making the right decisions. We have the in-depth knowledge from several disciplines and relevant uncertainty and risk factors. We can assist in making visible both risks and consequences of the decisions taken. I believe this will be increasingly important in the future. There will be even more decisions to make, possibly within unknown areas and probably in a faster pace. Based on our knowledge and competence, we can contribute in making the best possible choices”.

“Are there some areas that is more important than others?”

«The digitalization process is an area which will grow even more important in the future. We need to understand how the digitalization affects us. And how this influence the customers’ risk overview”, underlines Rune.

Another important area, which will characterize how we think and work in the future, is ESG, sustainability and the green shift. These mega trends will challenge our strategy and business model and will demand good understanding for risk management.

Rune comes from the position as head of digital product development in Multiconsult. However, Rune has previously also work as risk consultant in both DNV (Veritec), Scandpower and COWI. For four years he also had his own company. He has scientific research experience from UiO, UiS, Institutt for energiteknikk (IFE) and Høgskolen in Østfold (IT).

«Rune will be a significant capacity in Proactima», says Trond Winther, CEO in Proactima. “We are very pleased to have him onboard. Based on his experience, knowledge and passion for risk management, we believe he will be a strong contributor in defining the future for our company”, says Trond Winther.

Rune has 30 years’ experience as consultant and scientist from a large span of industries, among others within transportation, oil and gas, land-based industry, construction, ICT/telecom and aerospace. Rune’s versatile background stretches from basic mechanic systems to complex critical digital systems, as well as risk related work for artificial intelligence and smarter mobile units.

He has his background from the University in Oslo where he holds a Cand. Scient degree (1991) and a Dr. Scient degree (1996) in mathematical statistics and reliability theories.

Rune Winther (who is not a relative to the CEO) starts in Proactima today and will be working mainly in Proactima’ s Oslo office.

We wish Rune welcome to Proactima!

Surbhi Bansal and Åge Landråk start in Proactima

Proactima has strengthen the company’s team and recruited two new employees within risk management and digital solutions.

Surbhi Bansal works within risk management and has a master’s degree in offshore technology risk management and a bachelor technology degree in mechanical and automation engineering. Surbhi is pursuing her PhD in risk management where her research work relates to risk analysis and improving decision-making under uncertainty for energy sector industries. 

Surbhi started working with Proactima since February 2021, for the innovation department, supporting research and development in projects and consulting assignments. Surbhi has previously worked as engineer in the EPC oil & gas and automotive sectors. She has also conducted research in the nuclear, oil & gas, chemical processing and the financial sector which has resulted in publishing five research articles in international conferences and reputed journals.

Åge Tjelta Landråk has previously worked for Proactima and was head of developing the risk management tool UXRisk. Åge has recently returned to Proactima where he will take up the position as Product owner for UXRisk in the department for Digital solutions.

Åge has more than 20 years of experience within ICT application implementation, counseling, training, accounting and other ICT support processes in several companies, primarily in the oil and gas industry.

Åge was one of the founders of PRIDE (previously Synergi Solutions which is now part of DNV). Åge has extensive experience within the ICT field and has participated in more than 100 projects for over 50 companies in more than 10 countries. Until 2018, Åge was responsible for the development and implementation of Proctimas’ next generation HSE and risk management tool UXRisk.

Proactima to explore future transport systems

The Norwegian Research Council has granted Proactima research funding to investigate and increase knowledge about vulnerabilities in future transport systems. The Research Council har granted Proactima and our project partners up to NOK15.9 million of a total of approximately NOK26 million for this purpose.

The project is part of the Research Council’s Pilot-T program, focusing on new solutions in the interface between mobility and ICT. The Pilot-T is a collaboration between The Norwegian Research Council and Innovation Norway, based on an assignment from the Norwegian Ministry of Transport.

“The transport systems of the future are digital, autonomous, adaptive – and integrated. Today’s methods and approach to assessing and manage risk are not suitable or sufficient to handle the future systems. In particular, the knowledge of the mobility systems as a whole, is deficient. We need to understand, and be able to handle, risk and vulnerability in many complex subsystems – as well as in the complex interwind systems”, says Trond Winther, CEO in Proactima.

“In this project we will develop knowledge, services and tools for effective identification, comprehension and management of vulnerabilities and risks in future integrated intelligent transport systems within and between companies, organizations and different society functions”, explains advisor in Proactima Anne-Kari Valdal, who will be the project manager.

“The project has a broad participation with representatives from companies focusing on risk management and societal security as well as technology and insurance. These are supported suppliers and partners representing research and development, academic competence, authorities, infrastructure management rail- and road technology, as well as legal competence”, says Anne-Kari Valdal.

The project has a duration of three years and will start on February 1st, 2021.

Trine Solvang Nikolaisen starts in Proactima

Trine has a long and extensive experience within change management, HSEQ, and strategic management. Her last position was in the oil company DNO where she worked primarily with ESG and corporate governance. Her main working experience she has gained from her previous employers Spirit Energy, Bayerngas Norge, Statoil and in BW Offshore. In addition, Trine has also worked with risk management and HSE in the consultancy company Scandpower.

Trine is profoundly passionate about sustainability and how companies’ efforts within ESG not only contributes to a greater social responsibility and sustainable development, but also contributes to the companies’ future economic growth.

In Proactima Trine will mainly be involved with strategic projects within ESG and sustainability

“I look forward to work in Proactima! I see an exciting and ambitious company which take social responsibility seriously. To simplify the complex is important”, says Trine.

Trine has a Master (MSc) in Environmental and Resources Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Trine has also additional education within Quality management, Green growth and Psychology.

We welcome Trine to Proactima!

OKEA and Proactima extend the collaboration for 5 new years

In 2016, OKEA and Proactima signed a framework agreement on the procurement of consultancy services within Proactima’s core areas such as risk management, management system, safety, health & working environment, emergency preparedness, etc.

Proactima has played a key role in establishing OKEA, including establishing a management system and, not least, giving the organizations professional ballast so that OKEA could be approved as a Licensee, and later Operator on the Norwegian continental shelf.

“After very good cooperation and excellent support from Proactima for the first 5 years, it was quite natural for OKEA to further extend the framework agreement. We consider Proactima to be an important contributor to the implementation of OKEA’s strategy and business model. ” Dag Eggan, SVP Business Performance OKEA

Dag Eggan, SVP Business Performance, OKEA (Bilde fra okea.no)

Proactima has supported OKEA in establishing and implementing a management system and comprehensive risk management. At the same time, Proactima has through the Trondheim office, with good support from Proactima’s other offices, provided assistance in project management, technical safety, preparedness, health and working environment and other areas. The biggest challenge Proactima so far has been to support OKEA in the acquisition of Draugen from Shell, where Proactima played a key role both in managing and coordinating integration work, and in several of the work streams.

“The journey with OKEA has been exciting and challenging, and we look forward to 5 new years of good cooperation with OKEA,” says account manager and head of Proactima’s Trondheim office Jens Thomas Sagør