Corporate Governance

Proactima has a high level of expertise in corporate governance. Our motto is ‘help the customer better manage their own risk’. We have a holistic approach to management and governance and deploy the entire specter of our professional expertise in our corporate governance assistance.

With the help from our experts in quality and risk management, working and natural environment, emergency preparedness and information security, our customers receive assistance to establish a robust and flexible corporate governance that can be improved and further developed in line with the company’s needs.

Corporate governance is about the systematic activities that are implemented to determine and realize the business’ goals. This includes the interaction between owners, the board and management, as well as the management’s execution of the company’s strategy.

The core of corporate governance is to set goals and financial targets, plan and initiate activities and performance requirements, assess risks, report achievements, perform analyses as well as initiate and implement corrective measures.

We support companies that want to develop or improve their corporate governance in accordance with requirements from authorities, standards, owners and customers as well as with own professional goals.

Sound corporate governance must ensure transparent operations and improved organizational performance. Every organization has its own unique set of challenges.

When we work with corporate governance, we therefore recommend getting a satisfactory overview of the current situation. Based on a good understanding of the current situation, we explore together with the customer what is missing and initiate a realistic plan to improve corporate governance.

In this way, Proactima can assist with more defined and differentiated deliveries, which help your organization through critical areas of the work, or take a larger role as partner or advisor from start to finish.

You will have access to a team of experts from our many disciplines to assist in all aspects of the development and implementation of corporate governance.

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Hanne Marit Berge

Consultant and Subject Leader Business Management

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