HSE Management

Systematic Development of HSE Culture

A well-functioning work culture helps support the organizational strategy and goals. But in some cases, this can also work towards the organizational goals, which can up risks. Active work to change a negative culture may be absolutely necessary to prevent an accident.

Culture can change, but this requires continuity, competence and communication. Proactima has specialized expertise in HSE culture and organizational change. Our consultants contribute to the mapping and implementation of an HSE culture program.

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Richard Heyerdahl

Partner and Consultant Safety, HSE, Risk Management, Preparedness and Business Management

Operationalizing your Management System with UXRisk

UXRisk is designed to be used for operationalizing work processes and can easily make the processes in your business management systems (BMS) come alive. By doing this, entire management processes can be replaced by UXRisk processes, turning flat documents/processes/procedures into live process-based tools.

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