Players who pre-qualify and are granted a development license put themselves in a very good position in what could become a new Norwegian industrial adventure. In the spring of 2024, the Ventyr consortium was awarded a license for Sørlige Nordsjø II – a fixed installation – the final investment decision will be made in 2027. Utsira Nord is open for floating offshore wind, but the deadline for applying for allocation of land has been postponed to 2025. Twenty possible future development areas for offshore wind have been identified along the entire Norwegian coast.

The development of offshore wind can provide great opportunities for developers, power companies and the supplier industry to lead the way in the development of new sustainable technology and business development.

The road can be confusing and complex and is open to competition. At Proactima, we contribute our expertise to Norway’s new industrial adventure and support you along the way.

Risk management is at the heart of how we go to work every day to make a difference – so that our customers make better decisions, reach their goals and solve society’s challenges.

If you establish yourself as an attractive partner now – a credible supplier of offshore wind power – you have the opportunity to take a position that will be difficult to rob you of later. Those who are thoroughly trustworthy, tidy, organized and professional can look forward to a very bright future.

For decades, Proactima has supported companies that want to establish themselves on the Norwegian continental shelf – and we are ready to assist new and established players in Norway’s new industrial adventure.

Proactima has experience from many different sectors of the energy industry and can bring best practices across other sectors into offshore wind. We do this through a risk-based approach where we first need to understand what is important and then prioritize correctly. We are multidisciplinary and can provide the necessary professional expertise along the way, and all the way to the finish line. Secondly, our consultants make real and tangible contributions to the projects, contributing with implementation skills in addition to the right strategy and prioritization. And last but not least: We have a proven track record of success with such projects many times before.

Larger players need us to contribute specialist expertise in selected areas, while smaller players want us to contribute broadly with both capacity and knowledge. We are well equipped for both.