Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Communication

Proactima offers leading expertise in crisis and emergency preparedness services. We can assist in the development of all parts of a complete emergency preparedness organization and have public and private customers, both nationally and internationally, in many sectors.

Our services are based on close dialogue with customers, a good understanding of existing regulations, the latest in research and broad experience with practical crisis and emergency preparedness work.

The range of services we provide includes everything from risk and contingency analyzes, contingency plans and documentation, systematic training, exercise and practices, assistance in handling incidents, as well as assessments, revisions, verification and learning.

We find it important to see crisis and emergency preparedness work in its entirety, where culture, structure and competence are integrated and create value and security.

As an example, we have good solutions on how different disciplines (ICT, HSE, HR, security, communication and production/services) best interact in a crisis situation, as well as how to ensure good collaboration between different public and private companies.

Our employees also teach practical preparedness and methods in crisis and emergency management at several colleges and universities throughout Norway.

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Jonas Eriksen

Consultant and Subject Leader Preparedness and Crisis Communication

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