Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Communication

Contingency plans and documentation

Proactima uses highly competent consultants, with significant practical experiences, everything from government audits, public emergency preparedness bodies, national investigations and private and volunteering emergency preparedness actors.

We have experience from local, regional, national and international emergency preparedness organizations, from taskforce at an accident to strategic and reputation-related assessments. This enables us to understand the different needs present in an emergency preparedness organization and turn them into correct and effective contingency documentation.

We place particular emphasis on ensuring documentation that connects all parts of crisis and emergency preparedness, as well as being customized to the organization’s fields, structures and environments. We also have extensive experience in customizing emergency preparedness documentation for electronical tools.

Examples of emergency preparedness documentation can be contingency policy, contingency plans for different levels in an emergency preparedness organization, procedures and instructions, different roles description, action plans, plans for crisis communication, plans for reception centers and relatives management, bridging documents and cooperation agreements, continuity plans and how to handle longlasting situations.

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