Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Communication

Education, training and exercises

Proactima can organize and host all forms of training, exercises and practises within crisis and emergency preparedness, like our standard solutions or one customized to the organization, operations and/or location.

For example, training and coaching for all types of roles and teams in an emergency preparedness organization, exercises in discussions, training exercises and full-scale exercises. Scenarios are customized as needed and can, for example, deal with accidents with damage to lives, health and the environment, production stoppage or services, as well as security incidents such as hostage-taking and terrorism, ICT and information security, loss of reputation, etc.

We have experienced markers for roleplaying and practical exercises in the operation room, relatives center, and others as needed. The media will also be an important factor in a real-life situation, and we have extensive experience training for this, from moderate media printing to full-scale exercises with TV and radio broadcasts and digital media.

Proactima have experience from major national and international exercises, such as Exercise Gemini (Armed Forces), Exercise Northern Lights (Police) as well as training and exercises for EU and the UN. Every year we carry out many training measures in crisis and emergency preparedness and can also hold courses and training in exercise-planning.

We have good control over the different competence requirements in existing regulations, as well as methods and processes for competence management within crisis and emergency preparedness. All we deliver within education, training and exercises are based on adapted progression in learning – in close dialogue with the customer.

Through evaluation and learning we have established practical methods and tools for systematic competence-development and continuous improvement.

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Jo Tidemann

Consultant Sustainability, Preparedness and Management



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