We can help create efficient risk management strategies, in keeping with your values.

The risks in the society are constantly changing, while intentional actions – or failure to act – and the costly consequences of these, are getting a lot of attention. The international political situation changes fast with a rapid technological and digital development. The list is long of security incidents that have affected national and international companies in recent years, while the public, authorities and your customers still expect your company to know and manage every risk.

Being unprepared can be costly in terms of lives, finances, efficiency and not the least reputation. Most find it overwhelming to juggle expectations from both customers and the society, as well as the constant changes in laws about requirements, regulations and standards, while at the same time keeping the company running smoothly and efficiently!

At Proactima we know laws, rules and standards, and can be your link between technical security expertise and the risk owners. We can shape security needs into decision models and decisions into security measures.

We also help with:

  • How to manage safety risk with the systems and tools you already have.
  • Customized tools and methods that contribute to effective risk management, new threats and vulnerabilities. (And because our consultants themselves have operational industry experience, we also understand and consider the risk this may pose to your business.)
  • Mapping your and your suppliers’ statuses, supplying revisions, auditing, exercises and vulnerability assessment.
  • Finding the measures that will be truly effective for your specific needs.

We have cutting edge expertise in new regulations, standards, requirements and expectations and can:

  • Assess whether or not your company meets requirements
  • Provide you with what your company lacks to meet relevant requirements
  • Show you how your company can meet new requirements in an effective way
  • Follow up on your suppliers to ensure they meet the requirements that are important to you

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Cato Vivelid Nilssen

Consultant Preparedness and Security

We are looking for Frontend and Fullstack developers for our team!

We are investing in the digitalisation of our subject areas, and therefore we are looking for Frontend and Fullstack developers for our development team in Stavanger. We are looking for you who want to help develop a modern self-service solution for digitizing work processes in the global market.

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