Quality auditing is an important tool for improvement and learning in all types of business. They provide systematic control and overview that ensures the quality of deliveries you need or examines compliance with requirements and expectations, both internally or with suppliers. Few managers do audits often enough, but we at Proactima can help you along the way.

Follow-up, control and insight provide good corporate governance

Proactima’s consultants have extensive practical experience from public oversight agencies and authorities, internal audit in large companies, or from monitoring suppliers and supply chains through comprehensive audit programs. Several of our consultants are certified audit managers.

We have experts with audit experience in quality management and management systems, HSE management, information security, emergency preparedness and technical safety. We can provide entire audit teams, lead a team of your subject matter experts, or provide the audit manager and subject matter auditors in a composite team.

When setting up audit programs or conducting audits, we use the procedures in ISO 19011 “Guidelines for the audit of management systems”. The method is always adapted to your business, product or system to be audited. The customization ensures that programs and audits are risk-based and ensures efficient use of time and resources in an otherwise busy workday. The practical methods for implementation are reviews of parts of the management system, verifications of the business through site visits, collection of examples and spot checks – and combinations of these.

Many types of audits

We assist you in conducting internal audits, external audits, system audits, supplier audits, product audits or company reviews as part of due diligence processes.

This is how we make a difference:

  • Audit of contractor for Well Management
  • Preparation of audit program
  • Evaluation of the project for entering into a framework agreement with suppliers
  • Internal audit of the physical working environment in the workshop
  • Audit of emergency service provider
  • Audit of security management
  • Due diligence evaluation before takeover
  • Audit of property management services
  • Internal audit of ROS analyses
  • Evaluation of extreme weather management
  • Establishment of 3-year audit program for audit of main supplier operations
  • Audit of management system before application for prequalification as operator
  • Internal audit of GDPR procedures
  • Internal audit HSE management

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