Compliance assessment and GAP analysis

Compliance with requirements, rules and internal guidelines is important in good corporate governance. This ensures efficient processes and the company’s license to operate, while avoiding legal consequences and loss of reputation.

Are we sure that the AoC application does not have errors and omissions in the technical description? Do we have an overview of all relevant laws and regulations that apply to the development of a new highway? Are we ready for the next ISO certification? And is the management system compliant with the Petroleum Regulations?

Responsible managers at all levels are often faced with such specific questions. You need to investigate whether what you’ve done is consistent with what you should have done, and find out what’s missing. Proactima can help you with a compliance assessment.

What is compliance assessment?

Compliance assessments and compliance measurements are carried out to check that the requirements and expectations that apply to an activity are met, and that compliance is adequately documented. This may involve measuring against detailed regulatory requirements, such as checking whether a mobile drilling rig applying for a Statement of Compliance (AoC) from the Norwegian Marine Industries Authority meets all technical requirements in regulations and standards in order to operate on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Compliance assessment is also called gap analysis, because what is measured is the distance (the gap) between what you have actually established or described, and what was planned or expected to be done – or requirements placed on the business.

In both cases, the result of the assessment will be an overview of what is missing to achieve the goal. It can be a list of regulatory requirements that have not been fulfilled, or a list of measures that are missing to have implemented a plan. Either way, you’ll have documented the actual state or now-situation, and a plan to achieve compliance – and get where you’re going.

Deep knowledge of regulations and standards

At Proactima, we have in-depth knowledge of key Norwegian and international regulations, ISO and NORSOK standards, and experience with conformity assessments in many industries and for very different purposes. The tools we use depend on what we want to measure. We always consider your needs and the risks associated with the area or requirements to be assessed.

In some areas, only simple tables and text descriptions are needed, combined with the consultants’ professional knowledge and experience. In other areas, more advanced tools and processes are needed. We have comprehensive registers of relevant regulatory requirements for several industries, and use modern compliance management tools such as Adept with always up-to-date access to a digital requirements library and automated monitoring of regulatory changes.

Proactima can help with everything from establishing an overview of requirements within a specific area or industry, to conducting compliance assessments and establishing action plans to eliminate gaps or close deviations that are identified.

How we make a difference

  • Register of laws and regulations for road construction projects in Norway
  • Measurement of compliance between management system and HSE regulations
  • Compliance measurement management system, plans and measures within security
  • Gap analysis of contingency plans and measures
  • Gap analysis against ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and ISO 45001

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