Management of Change (MoC) and change management

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All changes involve uncertainty and thus risk. Without a conscious approach to governance, it can go either way. Failure to identify and manage change is often the direct cause of adverse events, operational inefficiencies, psychological stress, resistance or loss of trust. This applies when management is reorganizing a company or department, changing critical plans, adapting business models or establishing new ways of working.

Change processes put businesses to the test, while today we are experiencing more frequent and more extensive changes with complex consequences. To ensure managed realization of planned benefits while reducing unplanned consequences, we need to use structured methods such as Management of Change (MoC).

Proactima can help you manage both big and small changes. We have proven tools and consultants with extensive experience. We facilitate MoC processes and assist companies in many industries to identify and manage change risk for a wide range of purposes.

Change management and organizational change

To succeed with a change process, you must not only have an understanding of affected stakeholders, processes and applicable laws and regulations you must relate to, but you must also work with the company’s culture, values, people and behavior.

That’s why we always consider your specific needs, goals and the risks associated with the area or requirements to be assessed. Our foundation for change management is stakeholder analysis and understanding which parties are affected in which way.

An important part of good risk management and corporate governance

Our management consultants provide advice and support in all phases of restructuring and change. We have consultants with cutting-edge expertise in change management, risk management, corporate governance, employment law, organizational development and emergency preparedness. With us on your team, your change initiative will have increased capacity and expertise to handle the change, thereby reducing uncertainty.

This is how we make a difference:

  • Support for integration of new installations (assets)
  • Reorganization and restructuring of local business unit
  • Mapping and handling of consequences from global reorganization for Norwegian business unit
  • Impact of organizational changes on emergency preparedness
  • Organizational change and acquisitions/company integration
  • Risk and vulnerability assessment (RVA) of organizational change
  • Studies on e.g. organization and staffing for producing fields

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