Chemical management

The production and use of chemicals is regulated by many laws and regulations. These set strict requirements for companies’ management and documentation of their use of chemicals. The requirements also cover emissions to water, soil and air. We’ll help you navigate regulatory requirements and chemical management so you and your colleagues can have a safe and healthy workplace.

Get your chemicals in order

We’ve gathered everything you need to know about the production and use of chemicals in our Chemical Center – our proprietary tool and database. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about management systems, toxicology, working environment, safety and emergency preparedness. So that you can produce, manage purchasing, document and make HSE assessments related to the use of chemicals. Our chemical portal is located in the cloud-based solution Dmaze.

How we make a difference:

  • Utvikling og implementering av systemer for kjemikaliestyring 
    • Prepare governing documentation
    • Implementation and revision of chemical management
    • Process modeling of chemical processes
    • Establish a substance index
  • Managing chemicals
    • Chemical approval
    • Product approvals
    • Regulatory framework
    • Substitution obligation
    • Emergency preparedness
  • Chemical risk management
    • Comprehensive risk assessment of chemicals in purchasing, production and disposal
    • Assessment of chemical health hazards
    • Risk assessment of chemical products
    • Risk assessment of work involving risk of chemical exposure
    • Mapping and measuring exposure in the working atmosphere
    • Elimination and substitution
    • Storage
  • Verktøy
    • Dmaze – Chemical product registry
    • Dmaze – Chemical application
    • Dmaze – ChemiRisk, chemical risk assessments
    • Dmaze – Exposure register

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