Occupational hygiene

Occupational hygiene is the identification and mapping of chemical, physical and biological working environment factors, assessment of the risk of health damage, and proposals for preventive measures. At Proactima, occupational hygiene is about anticipating, recognizing, evaluating and controlling health hazards in the work environment, with the goal of protecting workers’ health and well-being, and safeguarding society. We help you build and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for you and your colleagues. Together with you, we ensure that the workplace meets regulatory requirements and that employees are safe at work.

The work environment includes both physical factors (design and exposure) and psychosocial factors, as well as the interface between people, technology and organization (human factors). Our professional environment has extensive experience in solving challenges in all these areas. We provide services to the offshore, land-based and maritime industries, public administration and other businesses. With us, you’ll get the knowledge you need about both Norwegian and international regulations and the authorities’ expectations, including the regulations for the Norwegian oil industry from the Petroleum Safety Authority. We help you with analyses, assessments, applications and advice.

The workplace should be safe and secure

With us, you get the expertise and experience you need in the identification, mapping and risk assessment of ergonomic, organizational, chemical (dust, gas, steam), physical (noise, vibration, radiation, universal design) and biological factors. We assess measures to control and reduce exposure and physical barriers. We follow up the technical working environment in new construction and refurbishment projects, and carry out analyses and studies within our area of expertise.

We support everything from offshore, land-based and maritime industries, public administration and other businesses to build safe and healthy working environments. We help you navigate through regulations and expectations, and provide support with everything from risk assessments to applications and advice.

This is how we make a difference:

  • Assessment of protective equipment (hearing protection, tightness testing of respiratory protection, gloves).
  • Prepare courses and competence requirements
  • Surveys and measurements:
    • Indoor climate (inspections, mapping and measures of technical facilities, surveys, logging of CO2, temperature and humidity, and radon).
    • Radiation (measurement of non-ionizing and ionizing radiation, including measurement and assessment of radon).
    • Noise (measurement of exposure, assessment of acoustics, assessment of quality and effect of hearing protection).
    • Chemicals (mapping of use and measurement of exposure to paints, varnishes, adhesives, detergents, oils, lubricants, welding fumes, grinding dust, oil fumes, diesel exhaust, wood dust, asbestos fibers, mineral wool fibers, concrete dust, etc.) Measurement of exposure to benzene, VOC, diesel exhaust, formaldehyde, and other chemical components in the working atmosphere. We carry out CHRA (Chemical Health Risk Assessment) and chemical audits.
    • Biological working environment factors (mapping and measuring exposure when working with sewage, wastewater, renovation, working with animals).
    • Lighting (measurement of illuminance and luminance/contrast).
  • Risikovurderinger av arbeidsmiljø:  
    • Assess the risk of hazards related to chemical, physical and biological factors and ergonomic load and degree of exposure.
    • Chemical management – Assisting with the development of a chemical management system (selection of chemicals, substance inventory, elimination/substitution, REACH, risk assessment, creating work instructions for safe handling of chemicals.
    • Preparation of information sheets.
    • Assess the need for targeted health monitoring due to exposure.
    • Assess the need for adaptations in the working environment for pregnant women and other particularly vulnerable groups.

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