Norway has an energy deficit, and we need to produce more renewable energy to cover the energy needs of the future. Our nation’s long experience with energy production and our long coastline mean we are in the best possible position to succeed.

The green shift will require new products, new value chains and new framework conditions. Industries, value chains and framework conditions are still developing, and will likely continue to develop for many years to come. When we build new value chains, we need to take both nature and the people who will be working in these value chains into consideration.

With our risk-based approach, we have extensive experience with assisting stakeholders in existing industries in being top of the class in terms of safety and risk management – and we believe to our core that we can contribute in new value chains and new industries as well.

Access to clean and renewable energy from offshore wind, hydropower, bioenergy and solar energy – and related hydrogen and battery production – is a key factor in reducing our society’s energy deficit. With technological optimism, a systematic approach and broad collaboration, we can reach our zero emission goals together.

The energy industry overall is one of our most important infrastructures, and together, we can take it to the next level in a safe manner. A major technological shift is happening at the same time as major transition in the industry. This is the time to boost competitive power and increase energy production, and to assume an active role in the green shift.

No other consulting firms have more experience from the energy and renewables industry as we do. Regulatory expertise and operational risk management is in our DNA – which means we see the big picture you need to reach your goals.

We have contributed to many of the energy industry’s major changes, and we make a difference when tomorrow’s energy industry meet society’s new requirements and increased demands.