Proactima has developed a complete digital platform for governance, risk and compliance (GRC).

This platform, Dmaze, currently includes digital tools for most of the fields we are active in. Dmaze simplifies and digitalizes your workflows, lets you build GRC and management processes in one place.

In this cloud-based platform, your strategic processes are all in one place – and simplified.

Configurable templates are combined with innovative artificial intelligence to give you full control over revisions, strategic management, business processes, governance, risk management, control activities, and more.

Dmaze is based on Proactima’s years-long experience and in-depth knowledge of the different fields represented in the tool. For you, this means access to templates and support that make your compliance work much easier.

Dmaze has open APIs and seamlessly transfers data to visualization solutions like Tableau and Power BI, and it also lets you export to self-defined templates in Microsoft Office programmes, such as Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

  • risk management
  • business processes
  • governance
  • business management
  • compliance
  • chemical management
  • audits
  • target-oriented management
  • control activities