Everyone should be able to feel safe at work. To ensure that you and your colleagues are thriving and safe in the workplace, you need to ensure early interception and management of any challenges that arise as well as regulatory compliance.

Good work on the working environment and HSE start with consideration for the people who need protection, and ends with systematic work based on solid methodology.

Proactima has leading expertise in health, working environment, HSE and occupational hygiene. We assist with services related to governance and management, as well as risk assessment, mapping and monitoring.

The customers we work with and for are active in offshore, land-based and maritime industries, public administration and research and development. In recent years, we have been involved in several of the most innovative industrial projects in Norway.

Our services are based on close communication with customers, and a strong understanding of relevant regulations, standards and research. We have extensive experience with resolving issues related to working environment control and management, mapping and readings, and chemical management.

Proactima’s chemical centre can help you if you use chemical products extensively and are subject to stringent requirements related to safety and control. We help customers use chemicals safely, while helping you ensure efficient chemicals management throughout your value chain.

Proactima staff contribute expertise in the form of training, teaching and education in the execution of HSE activities. In addition, we offer a wide range of e-learning courses related to HSE.

Proactima offers a number of services related to analysis and assessment of safety-critical aspects. We therefore evalute the effectiveness of security-related measures, to identify and describe the existing HSE culture and to predict safety-critical consequences of organizational changes.

  • mapping of HSE culture and working environment
  • evauation of HSE culture and working environment
  • occupational hygiene mapping (chemical, physical and biological hazards in the working environment)
  • identification of safety-critical consequences of change
  • systematic development of HSE culture
  • strategic management
  • strategy work
  • risk management
  • training, campaigns and information work
  • development and audit of management systems (incl. ISO 45001), work processes, procedures and guides
  • chemical services/chemical centre

Do you work in the occupational health service, or somewhere with exposure to welding fumes? Six years have passed since welding fumes were classified as carcinogenic. Despite this, Norwegian industrial companies have not come far enough in terms of monitoring and control in places where workers are exposed to welding fumes.

Click below to download Proactima’s guide for the management of welding fumes. The guide is free and full of tips and advice for how to manage welding fumes.