Security – protection from intentional action – is essential in the times we live in.

Developments in security policy, technological development and the emergence of interwoven globalized supply chains have erased the traditional distinction between security in peace times and in times of war. Rivalry and conflict between states and “blocks” take many forms and play out through both overt and covert means. Norwegian security authorities have increasingly focused on this in recent years, not least as a result of the war in Ukraine.

This should not, however, lead us to forget or ignore the significant threat posed by “ordinary” criminals, especially in the digital space, to Norwegian businesses.

Ever more stringent security requirements come in addition to actual threats. New regulatory frameworks, such as the NIS2 directive and the Digital Security Act, imposes more stringent requirements for risk understanding and a systematic approach to security-related issues.

Proactima has consultants who can help your organization manage risks from intentional actions. We have a good mix of employees with experience from national security services, operative roles in enterprises involved in critical infrastructure, and academia, who specialize in research into risks and sensitivities.

We combine operative industry experience with a strong theoretical and analytical approach. We help you understand the threat landscape and the specific sensitivities your organization has – and with us on your team, we work together to find solutions and measures that work for your organization

We comply with relevant standards at all times, including ISO/IEC 31000, ISO 27001, ISO 19011, NS 5814:2021 Risk assessments, and NS 5832:2014 Security Risk Analysis requirements. Our methodological approach is customized to your organization’s needs and what yields the highest value, as well as any requirements and regulations to which you are subject.

  • Information security
  • Insider threats
  • Object and physical protection
  • Port protection
  • Travel and personal protection
  • Classified procurement
  • Construction safety work