• 26. February 2019
  • By:Eirik Norstein Danielsen


Be more active!

This is part of Wenche Brenne Drøyvold´s philosophy. Wenche works at Proactima’s office in Trondheim and is heading up the work within health and working environment in the company. Wenche has published the book “Klar – ferdig – gå”. 

She has written a different book, with professional grounding and at the same time seasoned with many everyday experiences through easily accessible texts. Through the book, Wenche wants to give the reader knowledge and inspiration to be more active in everyday life.

“Today there are many experts who speak out, and sometimes I get the impression that we should call an expert to know how we are doing,” says Wenche and smiles. She takes the floor for increased everyday activity and wishes through the book to inspire readers to be active, each on their level.

Activity gives better health

The first two chapters are written as a refill for the reader, while the next chapters are a recipe for getting started. Wenche emphasizes that a good everyday life must consist of different ingredients, including physical activity.

“Activity is important to everything. Everyone knows that it is good for the muscles and bones, but we should also remember that daily activity fills in with good ingredients in the blood. All of this contributes positively, also to our mental health”, says Wenche. And she speaks with considerable academic weight, with a PhD in social medicine.

Wenche transfers the knowledge of physical activity to apply to all types of organizations. A company must be in good physical shape to cope with the challenges. Both privately and in a job context, you need to be aware of the development areas and decide to make a change. It will contribute to a more positive everyday life!Interested? You can buy the book at Løpelabbet or at www.haugenbok.no