Standard Norge has launched ISO 19011. This is the new Norwegian standard for auditing of management system. Proactima`s Anne-Kari Valdal was one of the speakers during the presentation of the new standard. Anne-Kari has led the committee regarding improvements of the management systems.

“Obviously it has been challenging due to international processes where representatives from different countries often have different approaches and focus. After two years of work, it is therefore fun to present the final product and the improvements we have achieved”, said Valdal during the launch.

In her speech, she primarily talked about the fact that audits now have a more prominent position in risk management and improvement work. The new standard is a useful tool for anyone involved in various types of audits, internal control, verifications and supervisions.

The English version was launched in September.

In case you need a helping hand when improving your internal systems, please contact
Anne-Kari Valdal (anne-kari.valdal@proactima.com)

Photo: Standard Norge