• 1. July 2021
  • By:Stian Opsahl Hetlevik


UXRisk Release 10

We are happy to announce a new release of UXRisk. The new release contains some new functionality and a number of fixes to known bugs.

The UXRisk team hopes you will enjoy the newest version of UXRisk. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Adding items directly in table view

When working in your risk assessment or minutes of meetings, you can now add new items directly in the table view.

Table view is standard view

We have now made the table view the standard view inside articles with more than one subarticle (e.g. risk assessments, minutes of meetings etc). By clicking the main tab (marked yellow in the picture) you will now go directly to the table view, the arrow next to it (marked green) will show a dropdown of all articles and take you to the individual articles.

Color coding in search view

You can now add color coding to the search view in UXRisk. This means providing your lists and overviews with some more depth. This can be used for risk scores, consequence categories, etc.