• 9. November 2023
  • By:Oda Nødtvedt

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Successful Joint Exercise at AtB

A fire on board a hybrid diesel-electric ferry crossing Trondheimsfjord was the scenario for a crisis exercise that took place earlier in June involving AtB’s crisis management team, Trøndelag County Municipality, Trøndelag Fire and Rescue Service, the Police, and the ferry operators Fjord1, operating the Brekstad-Valset route, and Torghatten Midt, operating the Flakk-Rørvik route. Both routes cross Trondheimsfjord.

On behalf of AtB, Proactima led the planning, execution, and evaluation of the exercise.

-The exercise aimed to strengthen role understanding and ensure that all involved parties share the same risk assessment and understand how to handle it best. Since January, Proactima has provided invaluable assistance to AtB in planning and conducting the exercise and has been a significant factor in its success, said Knut Espen Øyan, Traffic and Emergency Preparedness Section Manager at AtB.

AtB is Trøndelags mobility company with 20 ferry/fast boat connections and 835 buses operating 4200 daily departures. In 2022, there were 45 million passengers with AtB.

Fra venstre: Øvingsleder Jo Tidemann fra Proactima, Grete Opsal Direktør marked og kommunikasjon, Trine Sørensen Direktør økonomi og virksomhetsstyring og Grete Fuglem Tennås Administrerende direktør

Ferry Fire

The exercise scenario involved a fire on board a hybrid diesel-electric ferry that eventually escalated into a fire in the battery room.

The exercise was conducted as a discussion where the scenario was reviewed phase by phase, and the various participants informed each other about how to alert, mobilize, and handle the situation. Along the way, misunderstandings were clarified, ambiguities noted, and participants gained a much better understanding of what other agencies do and what is expected of themselves.

The purpose of the exercise was to achieve a common understanding of needs, strengths, and weaknesses related to collaboration during an emergency situation, as well as to enhance participants’ ability to handle an emergency situation collectively, including:

  • Increased common situational awareness
  • Strengthened understanding of one’s own and others’ roles, mandates, and tasks
  • Achieve better effectiveness of measures

Learning and Mastery

The Proactima team consisted of Jo Tidemann and Erik Wale.

-We conduct exercises like this to enhance the effectiveness of emergency preparedness. By talking to each other, strengths and weaknesses are revealed. This makes each organization more confident, and collaboration in handling serious situations improves. A sense of progress and mastery helps reinforce and improve the speed of learning, explained Jo Tidemann, one of Proactima’s leading emergency preparedness experts.

Proactima has extensive experience with various forms of training/exercises, ranging from simple discussion exercises (tabletop, reflection exercises) and training for individuals/special functions, through input exercises, staff exercises, alertness exercises, to full-scale exercises with real actors for interaction and sparring at all levels of the emergency preparedness organization.

A satisfied team despite a serious scenario. From left: exercise leader Jo Tidemann from Proactima, Director of Marketing and Communications Trine Sørensen, Director of Finance and Business Control Trine Sørensen, and CEO Grete Fuglem Tennås at AtB.