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Proactima supports Sval Energi

On June 2nd, Capricorn Norway became part of Sval Energi after a successful acquisition and subsequent integration project. Proactima has assisted with project management and professional expertise to ensure that the integration project was carried out as planned and in accordance with the objectives that were defined. This was achieved despite the challenges that Covid-19 has presented to the project, the company and the community in recent months.

Initially, Proactima assisted Solveig Gas (now Sval Energi) in being pre-qualified as a licensee on the Norwegian continental shelf in early 2020. When it became clear that they would buy Capricorn Norway, Proactima was asked to assist in this process based on the our long experience with integration projects on the Norwegian continental shelf. Proactima’s effective model for such projects is based on principles of good change management with a clear understanding of where the organization is, and a clear description of where it should be by Day 1, as an integrated company. Furthermore, proper focus and fulfillment of objectives is achieved through good planning and comprehensive risk management across the various workflows, where key personnel from both companies participate.

“Proactima’s expertise, capacity and toolbox have been important parts of the success of the integration project,” says Abdelkarim Abbou, CEO of Sval Energi. “Proactima’s consultants have worked closely with us in the project, guided us safely through the various phases and made sure that we maintained our focus and energy on the right things. I want to take this opportunity to thank the Proactima team for their efforts and look forward to continued good cooperation in other areas and new projects, ”he rounds off.

Abdelkarim Abbou, CEO in Sval Energi (Picture from sval-energi.no)