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OKEA and Proactima extend the collaboration for 5 new years

In 2016, OKEA and Proactima signed a framework agreement on the procurement of consultancy services within Proactima’s core areas such as risk management, management system, safety, health & working environment, emergency preparedness, etc.

Proactima has played a key role in establishing OKEA, including establishing a management system and, not least, giving the organizations professional ballast so that OKEA could be approved as a Licensee, and later Operator on the Norwegian continental shelf.

“After very good cooperation and excellent support from Proactima for the first 5 years, it was quite natural for OKEA to further extend the framework agreement. We consider Proactima to be an important contributor to the implementation of OKEA’s strategy and business model. ” Dag Eggan, SVP Business Performance OKEA

Dag Eggan, SVP Business Performance, OKEA (Bilde fra okea.no)

Proactima has supported OKEA in establishing and implementing a management system and comprehensive risk management. At the same time, Proactima has through the Trondheim office, with good support from Proactima’s other offices, provided assistance in project management, technical safety, preparedness, health and working environment and other areas. The biggest challenge Proactima so far has been to support OKEA in the acquisition of Draugen from Shell, where Proactima played a key role both in managing and coordinating integration work, and in several of the work streams.

“The journey with OKEA has been exciting and challenging, and we look forward to 5 new years of good cooperation with OKEA,” says account manager and head of Proactima’s Trondheim office Jens Thomas Sagør