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Proactima contributes to proposals for a new election law

After three years of work, the Electoral Law Committee yesterday submitted its proposal for a new election law to the Minister of Local Government and Modernization Nikolai Astrup. Proactima has contributed to a report on the security of democratic processes in Norway.

The committee has carried out a comprehensive review of the current electoral law and is proposing a new law. The committee proposes, among other things, changes in the electoral system, the appeal system and a new emergency preparedness clause.

“The inquiry addresses basic and very important principles and processes in our democracy,” says Anne-Kari Valdal, who is the main responsible for Proactima’s report “The security of democratic processes in Norway”. – Together with good partners from Aeger and Netsecurity, Proactima has contributed to providing the Electoral Law Committee with knowledge and recommendations in areas that affect the security of the electoral process.

The most important areas for Proactima’s report were related to threats to democratic processes, electoral vulnerabilities and societal consequences of the use of technology in electoral conduct. The report also proposed measures to protect democratic processes in connection with elections in Norway.

“We really appreciate being able to use our expertise in such a socially important area and congratulate the Election Commission on extensive and well-executed work”, says Trond Winther, general manager of Proactima.